Halloween Makeup Ideas for a Unique Party Look



Halloween is that time of the years when people, girls and boys alike, can paint their faces, and nobody will think they are weird. You don’t need to have a costume as long as you have your makeup kit. Here are some Halloween makeup ideas you can try this year.

Halloween Makeup
Halloween Makeup

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Halloween Makeup Ideas

Live Doll

One of the Halloween makeup ideas that you can use is to become a living doll. You can pull off the look using items you already have in your makeup kit or buy them from the drugstore. If you do this properly, you will turn into a creepy doll with large doll-like eyes.

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Do it horribly, and you will still have a drag queen look. It is Halloween anyway. No one will judge you on how you look.

Fancy Eyeliner Design

A simple way to have a fancy Halloween look is with the use of eyeliner. You don’t need to fill your face with makeup. Draw a design at the corner of the eye using the eyeliner. The design can be related to your costume. Use your imagination to come up with cute designs.

Comic Book Girl

Become one with pop culture by becoming a comic book girl. It is one of the most complicated Halloween makeup ideas. It requires much patience to execute, especially when applying the dots to the face.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE