Halloween Makeup Ideas for a Unique Party Look



The Queen of the Nile is one of the most popular characters during Halloween. There might be a lot of Cleopatra during Halloween, but you can stand out among them by having sexy eye makeup. If done properly, you will be remembered as the best Cleopatra in the party.

Flower Power

You will not be considered the wallflower of the party with flowery makeup. Make flower petals grow from your eyes and people will see you blooming. Even Poison Ivy will be jealous about your greenhouse girl look. Among the Halloween makeup ideas, this is one of the most colorful one.

Cute Cat Face

This is an easy illusion that requires little amount of makeup skills. There are lots of pussy cats during Halloween but with this makeup idea, you will still be the unique cat in the town. You might need someone to do the eyes for you if you can’t close one eye at a time.

These are the Halloween makeup ideas that you can do when you’re going to a party or go trick or treating. You can go with a face full of makeup or just decorate a part of it. Try these ideas and have a fun Halloween night.