Hide a Hangover


3. Eye makeup makes a huge difference.

Eyelash curlers will help you to be awake but before reaching for black mascara consider something else. The most flattering eyes shadows are the nudes, browns and beiges. Even a nude eyeliner will help – although, you should not use anything white that could make your eyes look worse. Finish off the eye makeup with brown or navy blue mascara which will hide the hangover and make the look very natural.


4. Cheeks are important!

Wearing blush on your cheeks will give them a very gentle glow. You can try to mix up a small amount of illuminating power along with primer. Putting on the blush before you apply the foundation is an easy way to get a look that is more natural. If you opt out to use a tined moisturizer then you can hide some paleness that may result from a hangover.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE