House Hygiene: How to keep coronavirus from coming home


As the spread of the new coronavirus has driven me and everyone else indoors to shelter in place, my home really has become my haven … and my office and school and gym and movie theater and restaurants and pretty much my world.

I’m good with that. However, if our homes are going to be the family safety zone for the unforeseeable future, keeping them clean and the enemy virus out is top of mind. For answers, I talked to Dr. Edwin DeJesus, an infectious disease specialist based in Orlando, Florida:

Q: What do you wish more people understood?

A: Every American needs to take this situation very seriously. COVID-19 is not just another flu. It is a potentially lethal infection with serious consequences. We learned from the epidemic in China that most of those who got infected got the virus from someone who didn’t know they had it. So we need to avoid contact with others in the community who have mild or no symptoms. Understanding that helps people comply. The virus can live in the air, and can be transmitted when someone coughs, so staying home is so important. Because the virus can live for three days on some surfaces, we also must be vigilant about what comes in the door.