How to Always Look Good With a Natural Hair Care Routine



Your hair should be moisturized once a day if you can afford it. Every part of the hair should be covered when moisturizing, with more attention paid to the ends of the hair because those are the weakest portion of the hair. For weighed down hair to be prevented, the hair needs to be moisturized at night so that on waking up in the morning, you would have moist but hair not weighed down.


Detangling is an important part of your natural hair care routine, but should be done with care. When detangling, you should allow moisture in your hair – it is not recommended to detangle dry hair. With fine 4b or 4c hair, to avoid breakage, you need to finger comb to detangle instead of making use of a comb.


A natural hair care routine does not need to be complex. You only need to follow steps mentioned above. Some general habits you need to adopt are drinking plenty of water; eating healthy foods, including a lot of fruits and vegetables; and many more.