How to Apply Dark Lipstick: A Master Class


1. Apply a lip exfoliant to your lips (in soft, circular motions).

Note: Dark lipstick is very unpredictable, so in order not to sabotage the perfect makeup from the start, make sure that the skin on the lips is flat and smooth.

2. Apply concealer to the lips using a special flat brush – it will help to mask the natural color of the lips so it won’t conflict with the lipstick’s shade.

Note: If you wish, you can lightly powder your lips so the lipstick will stick better and last longer.

3. Close the lips and trace their outline with a pencil. First draw a bow on the upper lip, then with small strokes move in the direction of the corners.






Repeat the procedure on the lower lip. To achieve the smoothest and clearest lines try to keep the pencil perpendicular to the lips.
Note: The pencil should be the same shade as the lipstick or a little bit darker (not more than one tone), as well as perfectly sharpened.

Apply Dark Lipstick
Apply Dark Lipstick

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4. Once finished with the outline, start sketching the corners of the mouth – this will hold the lipstick even longer.

5. Apply the lipstick with a small synthetic brush. It’s important to stay within the lines and not go over them in the heat of the moment.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE