From the tip of the nose on both sides spread cream to the middle of the ear. Apply the cream the same way from the corners of the lips.

Don’t forget your neck, cream is applied to the left and to the right from the bottom up. When spreading cosmetic products, climb up towards the chin. Don’t include the area of the thyroid gland.

Cream is applied to the chin with light but energetic clapping of hands.

The first phase of working with the skin is preparatory. It means simply relaxing your hands. This allows you to get a pleasant sensation (tenderness and softness) from the procedure. Love your face, take care of it tenderly and carefully. Cream application should look like patting the skin rather than rubbing.

Why is it better to apply cream along massage lines? If you don’t want to damage collagen, it is necessary to do so. This is due to the fact that there are the most lymph nodes and collagen fibers along massage lines. By the way, high-quality face care – it’s correct cream application at a certain period of time. The skin has its own biorhythms, and it’s more receptive to beauty care when you take them into account.