How to Apply Makeup for Excellent Results




How to apply makeup; the first few things you should know

The first and most important thing about how to apply makeup is having the right tools for the job. This is critical, and that’s why the first few lessons in makeup classes are usually devoted to knowing your tools. Ideally, knowing your tools and makeup products are just as important as knowing the technique itself.

 Apply Makeup
Apply Makeup

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How to Apply Makeup

There are around eight basic brushes you can use when learning how to apply makeup. These include; foundation brush, fluffy brush, small blending brush, concealer brush, fluffy powder brush, flat eye shadow brush, precision angle brush, small blending brush and lip brush. You may not need to have all the brushes, but you’ll certainly need most of them for an excellent application. It may also interest you to know that you can easily turn fluffy brush to a flat angled brush just by wrapping your fingers around the bristles to flatten them.


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Now that you know your brushes, you need to know how to hold them. It is important to note that the way and where you hold your brush affects your control. Put your hand closer to the barrel if you want more pressure on the brush, and further when less pressure is required. If you want an even application, hold the brush handle somewhere around the middle.

Another quick tip on how to apply makeup is to know how to mix the primer with the foundation.

There are three different kinds of foundations; powder, liquid and cream, and there are three ways you can wear a cream foundation; full coverage, opaque or translucent. Mixing the cream foundation with some primer is an excellent way to maintain the foundation’s coverage without looking encrusted and also gives the foundation a seamless blend with the first primer layer.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE