How to Color Hair



Coloring a hair is a time consuming process that might go wrong if not done properly. You need to plan this task for perfect results. Get your tools ready with the favorite color you have chosen. The color chosen on how to color hair should be complementary to your skin tone for a beautiful hair after finishing the coloring process.

How to Color Hair
How to Color Hair

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Follow the steps given below on how to color hair for better results. The steps make the process a cinch.

How to color hair

Step 1: the step one is to find out which level does your color fall in. Compare the level of the dye to the level of your hair as well. Level one is normally the darkest black and level 10 the whitest blonde as seen on the charts that are found in beauty stores.

Step 2: Purchase the developer of your preference that you intend to change the color of your hair with. Some developers can color and lighten your hair at the same time. Be careful when choosing the volume on how to color hair because a wrong choice can damage your hair.

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Step 3: use clips to divide your hair into small portions for ease application of the dye. If you have a small hair then the process might seem simple. First of all make sure the hair is dry before applying the dye on it.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE