How to Create Beautiful No-Heat Curls at Home


No-Heat Curls


While many women with curly hair take action to have a sleek, straight style, just as many women with straight hair always dream of having glorious curls. Before being disgruntled about the type of hair you have, always remember that every woman is beautiful in her own way as long as she takes the best care of herself she can.

Cascading curls can be very romantic and beautiful, but constant use of hot curlers, curling irons and various chemical preparations can damage your hair over time and result in a very unhealthy and often unattractive head of hair.

Consider this new method of for creating lush curls of hair with no heat and no chemicals. You can easily do this at home and save a lot of money on going to the beauty parlor as well.







Split your hair into multiple sections. If you want larger curls, make fewer sections, and use more sections for smaller, tighter curls. Work with one section of hair at a time.

No-Heat Curls at Home
No-Heat Curls at Home

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First, missed the section of hair with water so it is damp. Use a cotton bandana or scarf to create the curls. Folds the bandanna in half and a loop it over the section of damp air. Then, twist it so the sides cross and pull the hair through the middle. Continue crossing the bandanna sides and pulling their hair section through until you reach the end. Tie the ends of the bandanna around the last bit of short hair.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE