How to do a non-operative facelift in 1 week


If you need to lift neck sagging, to maintain neck muscles in tone or simply to postpone aging of this part of your body, you need to make these simple exercises regularly home and at work during the break. This kind of neck muscles gymnastics does not take a lot of time, but it is ver resultative. Normally these exercises are a good prophylaxis of cross folds and wrinkles on the neck. It is very well known that this part of the body will give out a true age of the woman, if one would not take proper care of it.

Here we will tell you how to lift the skin of the neck. Here are the exercises:

Exercise №1

Numbers. Clamp a pen or a pencil in your teeth. Write out all figures from one to ten in the air slowly. You need «to write» all the figures not less than 2-3 times.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE