How to Easily Make the Angelina Jolie Makeup


Angelina Jolie is one of the most popular celebrities today, known for her sexy lips when walking the red carpet. Her attractiveness never goes unnoticed because she always uses the right products, thanks to beauty experts which surround her. But, how can you replicate this Angelina Jolie makeup?

The Shape of the Body
Angelina Jolie is slim, and your makeup plan should start from this consideration. These are the body characteristics you should have:
• You need to have an oval-rectangular face shape (lower cheekbones, square jaw and longer face). The effect can be created through squarish eyebrows or doing makeup under the cheekbones.
• You should be small waisted and large chested.

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The Face
The face is the most conspicuous part of the body when you walk in the public. Therefore, doing the Angelina Jolie makeup perfectly requires working on your face as the celebrity does. In most cases, Angelina keeps her makeup subtle and soft to have a flawless skin. This is achieved through a good medium-coverage, oil free liquid foundation.

Image Source: thesilvacollection

Angelina does not usually wear blush, and uses liner and neutral shadows instead to define her eyes. She sometimes keeps her signature lips nude, keeping the focus on her glowing skin. This is another thing you should consider if you love wearing blush.