How To Get Hair Inspiration From Celebrity Hairstyles



While you should not imitate your favorite celebrity hairstyles, it is never a bad thing to create your own hairstyles in a way that is inspired by celebrities. Beauty and hair magazines often have articles about celebrities’ hairstyles and how you can get those styles at home. Your stylist can also give you a look that is similar to the celebrities.

1.  Ideas for Short Celebrity Hairstyles

One idea is to get a boyish haircut, which is cut very short but has asymmetrical bangs near the front. Singers Pink and Rihanna have worn their hair this way and this is an easy hairstyle to maintain. Asymmetrical bobs, curly bobs and the blunt cut bobs are also great celebrity hairstyles that you can wear. A layered shag hairstyle or pixie cut is also nice for those with short.

2. Tight Curls

Some African American celebrities wear tight curls and this is a good idea for those who are tired of chemical relaxers and damaging their hair with it.






Your stylist would wash your hair and then she would take some small curling rods and curl your hair while it is still wet. After you sit under the dryer for 45 minutes, the stylist removes the rods and slightly teases the curls for a full look.

3. Cropped Cut

This short hairstyle is similar to the pixie cut and it is a good choice for women over age 50 who are tired of wearing their hair long. Many celebrities wear this hairstyle, including actress Helen Mirren and HalleBerry. The cropped cut is also long lasting and if you visit the stylist regularly, your style will look great for a period of weeks.

4. Rockabilly Look

Some celebrities like Gwen Stefani sport a rockabilly influenced hairstyle and this is the kind of hairstyle that has plenty of big curls stacked near the top of your hair but there are other variations of the rockabilly look such as the pompadour look.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE