How to Get Natural Curls without Chemicals


You already know how much hot curlers, curling irons and chemical treatments can damage your hair, but you still want a cascade of lovely curls. Why not try a perfectly natural and simple way to have lovely curly hair with just a few minutes of preparation and a nighttime of beauty sleep?

All you need to create these curls are bobby pins and enough time to let your hair dry.

Natural Curls


Separate small chunks of your hair and twist them from the root out to the end. If you want larger curls, use thicker sections of hair. Thinner sections will give tighter curls. Twirl the hair until you reach the end and wind it up in a small bun near your scalp. Secure this with bobby pins in an X shape.

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Repeat the above steps until you have twisted up all the hair on your head, then just go to bed as you normally do.

Image Source: diyandcrafttutorials

In the morning, your hair should be dry and you can take out all the bobby pins and let your hair down. Do not comb the hair or brush it vigorously. Instead, run your fingers through the curls to separate them into lovely waves.
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