How To Get Stronger Nails


1. Take Biotin Supplements

Your nails need biotin in order to become stronger instead of weaker and most drugstores carry various brands of biotin. If you are not sure which brands of biotin are the best to choose, you can talk with the salesperson or your doctor to get advice on which ones to buy and why. In addition to the biotin, you can also take multivitamins and calcium supplements.

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2. Apply Clear Nail Polish

When you apply clear nail polish to your nails, your nails strengthen over a period of time and the best kind of clear nail polish is the one that is growth resistant and chip resistant because it keeps your nails durable for many weeks.

3. Use Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover

If you have weak nails, you want to use non acetone nail polish remover because this kind of remover leads to very dry and brittle nails. It is better to use nail polish remover that has acetate or other non toxic nail polish removers. Also look for the same kind of nail polishes for your nails.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE