How to Get Your First Rib Tattoo: 2 Steps


So you are a girl with an edgy personality and who likes to wear tattoos, but you are tired of wearing tattoos on the legs or arms. Well, you can showcase your personality by wearing rib tattoos because while your clothing generally covers them, you still can show your friends the rib tattoos by lifting up your shirt. There are tons of rib tattoos for girls to choose from and certain designs are bolder than others. You can get rib tattoos of butterflies, your favorite pets, food items or your favorite celebrity.

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1. Rib Tattoos for Girls
You have several ideas to choose from when deciding to get rib tattoos for girls; it depends on your personality and interests. One idea is to get a portrait of a deceased relative or friend tattooed on the rib but since it is large, you will need a rib with more muscles and tissues than regular ribs for a better effect. You can also have the tattoo artist apply a tattoo of a quote from a book or song on the rib.  If you are into hippie culture, you can have a tattoo of a flower headband, paisley design or a floral pattern.  Another idea is to wear a heart tattoo and there various types to choose from. You can get a rib tattoo with your name inside or over the heart, a heart with wings coming out on both sides, or a heart in a different color such as yellow, blue or purple.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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