How to Give Your Hair Extra Volume


1. Wash your hair with your favorite volumizing shampoo.
2. Before drying your hair, apply your favorite thickening spray.
3. Using your blow dryer, start drying your hair in the opposite direction of your hair growth. Start at your roots in the back of your head and make your way to the front slowly.
4. Once your hair is dry, use your favorite volumizing powder while gently massaging your roots and scalp.
5. In the event that your hair is not what you expected use your teasing comb to enhance the fullness of your hair.

Note: People who have long hair may have to use this technique a few times before a difference is noticed. This is because people with long hair tend to have heavier hair. Your roots have to be trained to stay in the opposite direction, so you can get the volume to your hair that you desire.
I hope that the techniques that have been shared above help you get the volume to your hair that you want and deserve.
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