Cut Out Soda

Next important tip on how to get a flat tummy is to cut out soda. Soda is, like, really bad for you, and can add a lot of fat to your belly, especially if you drink a few sodas each week. It isn’t just the sugar that is an issue here; it’s also the bubbles.

After all, they gotta go somewhere, and they usually end up in your belly!

It’s much healthier for you right now to swap soda for water, tea or even diet soda. Ween yourself off it gradually before kicking it altogether. It’s a habit you don’t need.

Avoid Alcohol, Too

Soda causes weight gain, but so can alcohol, too. And although you might think that having just a glass of red with your meal is surely no big deal, these glasses quickly tot up over the course a month.

Not to mention the amount you might drink on a typical girls night out.

Cutting back on alcohol right now can help you go from a round tummy to a flatter one. Alcohol raises cortisol levels, which then sends fat to your stomach. Not cool.

Eat Some Protein Between The Hours Of 3PM and 4M

If you have your lunch at noon and then wait until 6pm to eat something else, you’re leaving a gap of six hours – which is crazy!

It’s crazy because the longer you go without eating, the lower your blood sugar will plummet. What happens then is your insulin also stays down, which causes your belly to store fat.

So rather than working like a demon and waiting until you get home to have something to eat, take a protein bar to work with you. If you don’t like protein bars, try nuts, cheese or an apple.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE