How to Growing Long Hair


Proper Care for Your Hair

Maintaining a growing long hair is achievable as long as we follow these simple steps to have a healthy hair:

Growing Long Hair

• Stay away from direct heat – high temperatures from curling irons and blow dryers can seriously fry our hair and cause breakage. It makes our hair brittle and prone to split ends. If possible, avoid using these tools often or adjust to the lowest setting.

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• Frequent washing may damage – we all want our hair clean, but cleansing it too much can strip of the oils that keep it nourished and healthy. Thus, it will be more prone to breaking. To avoid such premature breakage, minimize the time you shampoo your hair for at least only 3-4 times a week at most.

• Avoid harsh chemicals – soaking your hair with relaxers, chemical dyes, and perm substances make the hair brittle like frequent washing can do. Chemicals are the most detrimental in growing  long hair. Opt for a natural dye like henna if you really need it dyed.

• Protect your hair from sun’s heat – exposure to sun’s harmful rays can strip the hair down and damage it in the long run. Try to minimize your exposure to direct heat. If unavoidable, keep your hair with a hat, cap, or scarf to protect it.
• Eat Proper Foods – one of the positive effects of good eating is associated with  growing long hair. It encourages hair growth from the inside and strengthens each strand. Lessen your intake of animal’s fats, sodium, and sugar and eat more fruits and vegetables to keep that hair healthy.
• Keep yourself hydrated – water flushes out toxins in the body and boosts the body to push in growing long hair. Make sure to stay hydrated especially this coming summer season, as it not only will benefit your hair but your whole body as well.
• Manage your stress – stress levels affect our overall health and poor health leads to improper hair growth. Manage your stress and find for alternatives to detoxify yourself from anxieties.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE