How to Hang Your Sweater On a Hanger Without Stretching



When your laundry comes out of the dryer, you can hang it on hangers quickly to prevent the need to iron later on. However, if you tried to hang a sweater on a hanger, it often stretches in all the wrong places and ends up losing its shape or getting to big. If you know the trick to hanging a sweater on a hanger in your closet neatly, you do not have to worry about misshapen sweaters or having to iron them so if they look their best when you want to wear it.

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Hang Your Sweater


Begin by folding your sweater in half vertically so the sleeves match up off to the side. Next, position a sturdy hangar at the armpit area as shown in the picture above.

Fold the body part of the sweater down over one arm of the hangar. Then, fold the sweater arms down over the opposite side. If you overlap the body and the arms a bit, there is very small chance the sweater will slide off the hangar.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE