“But I won’t feel as full!” you exclaim.

Sure you will. It actually takes your stomach fifteen minutes to tell your brain that you’ve had enough, and this causes overeating. Stop eating before you feel full and you’ll still feel satisfied for a long time afterwards.

Walk Up And Down Stairs More Often

Did you know that spending just ten minutes each day walking up and down stairs can help you to lose around 10 pounds a year? You don’t have to just spend ten minutes each day walking up and down your own stairs. You could start taking the stairs at work more often instead of the lift, too.

Eat Lots Of Protein

Protein can make you feel satisfied for longer so that you don’t over-indulge. It powerfully reduces the feelings of hunger, and stops you from eating too many calories.

Studies have found that consuming more protein prevents us from eating as many calories as we normally would. If you’re breakfast is heavy in grains at the moment, you may want to consider substituting it for a protein-rich option. For example, you could eat more eggs.

Keep A Food Diary

When I was trying to lose weight, there was on hack in particular that always worked for me: I kept a food diary.

A food diary helps you to easily track how much food you’re eating, and stops you from overdoing it. When you can see it all written down, you can see when you’ve had enough and when you need to cut down.

Think of it as an accountability tool that also works as a way of helping you to find ways of making cutbacks.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE