Shop On A Full Stomach

If you shop on an empty stomach, your eyes are going to be bigger than your shopping list. What will inevitably happen is you’ll stock up on junk food that will satisfy your current, wrenching hunger.

For this, it’s a good idea to always shop on a full stomach if you’re trying to lose weight. This will ensure that you stick to the list by purchasing healthy foods that are likely to keep the weight off.

This is a small but very useful hack that always works a treat.

Get Yourself A Weight-Loss Mantra

Is there such a thing as a self-fulfilling prophecy? Very possibly.

If you tell yourself that you can’t do something, such as lose weight, the chances are likely that you don’t do it.

If, however, you can convince your brain that you can totally do this, you will stand a much better chance of doing it.

Each day, say to yourself: “I can be fit.” Repeat it every day.

Stand Up More

Just sitting down all day can contribute to weight gain. So why not stand up more often?

You’ll find that there are plenty of opportunities throughout your day for you to stand up more. For example, you could stand up when someone rings you, or you could even set up a standing desk in your study.

Some people read (and walk) while standing up, while others reply to emails while on their treadmill. If you stand up more often, you’ll be amazed by how many extra calories you can burn. Try it, it’s so easy!

Eat Lots Of Fibre

As well as eating more protein, you should also aim to introduce more fibre into your diet if it’s currently lacking from it. Fibre is fantastic for suppressing appetite and keeping you feeling full for longer.

There is fibre to be found in all kinds of food, from oatmeal to beans, cereals to asparagus, flax seeds to oranges. You could also try supplements, such as glucomannan, which aid with weight loss.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE