How to Make a Fancy Nail Art at Home


Nail design is an art, and it now forms part of what makes a woman to look good all the time. Whether you are shopping for a wedding dress or attending a birthday party, school graduation or any other ceremony, it is necessary to make a fancy nail art that befits the occasion to complement the makeup on your face and other parts of your body. But, what are the fancy nail art options that you could consider and how should you start?

Cleaning the Nails

Before designing, you should first clean your nails and trim them evenly to get well shaped. Use a nail brush to clean them, pushing the cuticles back, and shape the nails with a nail file before furbishing them.







French Manicure

The acrylic design is a fancy nail art for a French manicure, and you can develop this using acrylic (powder and liquid), UV gels or fiberglass. To create the design, a white enamel should be used in painting the free edge of the nail.

Fancy Nail Art
Fancy Nail Art

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More intricate designs can be selected for special occasions like birthday parties or weddings, while another popular option is nail piercings for wearing jewelry. Gemstones, pearls and rhinestones are good for the nails for all kinds of events. Another good thing is to use designs which match the season; for instance, making a Christmas tree for occasions like Christmas, or red hearts or Cupid for Valentine’s Day.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE