How to Make a Good Smoky Eye Look



One of the things which make heads turn in a woman is a smoky eye look. Another advantage of the look is that you can wear it to any special occasion, while most dresses are also supported. The smokey eye can be used with any eye shape, whether it is mono-lid, deep set, wide set, droopy or close set. You can use the eye shadows and heavy liner in obtaining any shape desired for the eyes, with every little imperfections corrected as you go, and making them look sophisticated and sexy.

Making Your Smokey Eye Look







The Color

You need to first choose a color if you want to have a smoky eye look, and some of the good choices which can be considered are brown, grey, and black, while for the brave, dark plum would work with matching eyeliners.

Smoky Eye Look
Smoky Eye Look

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Your smaller eyes can be made to appear larger by drawing lines up toward the brow bone and at the outer corners of your lids. With a colored liner, you should draw many lines from the lash line almost to the brow, thus making the illusion of bigger eyes to be created.

To make your wide-set eyes to look closer together, majority of the color should be applied towards the nose. The fingertip should be used in quickly blending the liner before it sets.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE