How to make full lips even fuller


Women who have thin lips dream of full lips, and those who have full lips want even fuller lips. Yes, everyone wants to have what they don’t have, and those that already have some want a little more than what they have. Now we present a makeup tutorial on how to get even fuller lips. It only takes two things to make your full lips even fuller: lip pencil and lipstick.





For the color of the pencil choose a shade darker than the lipstick. Choose one of three colors: Bordeaux, Burgundy or Marsala. The lipstick should be red. Bet on the saturated, strong and gaudy shades of red. It is advisable that the red leans towards the pink colors.

make full lips
make full lips

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1. Hydrate the lips. If your lips are not dry, you can apply only one layer of your favorite lip balm.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE