2. Keep your lips well moisturised

Your lips can easily become dry and that will alter their colour. They could also become cracked and sore. Moisturise your lips every day with a lip balm, or use a vitamin E rich moisturiser on them. Keep a lip balm with you during the day too, because your lips will lose some of their moisture and you may need to top it up. Shea butter is another wonderful, natural alternative to commercial lip balms.

3. Cucumber juice

Another great tip on how to make lips pink naturally is to use cucumber juice; it has a natural, gentle, bleaching effect and, used regularly on your lips, cucumber juice will gradually lighten their colour and make them pinker. The easiest way to do this is to simply rub a slice of cucumber over your lips and leave the juice to sink into your skin. Do this for five minutes each day and you will soon be able to see some results.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE