6. Always remove your makeup at night

If you leave your makeup on overnight, it’s not only your skin that will suffer; your lips will become dull and lose their pink colour as well. Always remove all traces of lipstick and lip gloss before you go to bed. A quick swipe of your lips with some almond oil, or olive oil, will make sure there is nothing left on your lips and it will moisturise them too.

7. Beetroot juice

You can also use natural products to stain your lips with a brighter shade of pink and one of those is beetroot. Just dab a little beetroot juice on your lips and leave it to dry and it will stain your lips a lovely pink colour. It won’t last forever, but some people do say that, after a while, beetroot juice also lightens the colour of your lips and makes them more pink naturally.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE