How to Make Your Own Glow in The Dark Polish (2 STEPS +VIDEO )



 If you are looking for a fun way to wear nail polish for your next slumber party, you can wear the nail polish and you can make it yourself in numerous ways if you have a few basic supplies. One method of doing this by using clear nail polish and a glow stick, and you can break the stick in half and pouring the liquid into the nail polish. Another method is to add glow-in-the-dark resin into your clear nail polish. If possible, buy acrylic glow-in-the-dark powder and after you buy this you would add it to the polish.

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1. Good Colors for Homemade Glow in The Dark Nail Polish

 Neon colors go great in the dark so you can use these when making your own glow-in-the dark nail polish. Yellow is another good color for adding glow-in-the dark powder or resin to since yellow goes well in the dark. Red is not the best color to use unless you have a bright red polish to add the glow-in-the dark solution to. Orange is excellent as a color base for a glow-in-the dark nail polish and even powder blue would work for this kind of polish. If you are wearing a certain outfit you should make a glow-in-the dark that will match the outfit.


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