How to Perfectly Apply Light Brown Hair Dye on Your Hair



The process of dyeing hair at home, to many, is a fusion of science, art and pure luck. To some extent, it even requires psychometric tests and personality meters to gauge whether one is up for the task – lest they end up with the wrong color on their hair. The best way to perfectly apply light brown hair dye is to first read what is indicated on the box.

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Then consider your hair type in order to get the desired shade of light brown.

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Step-By-Step Light Brown Hair Dye Application

Initially, it is imperative to note that if your hair is darker than the desired shade of light brown, select a light brown hair dye that is a few shades lighter. And if your hair is lighter than the shade of brown you would like to apply, consider a light brown hair dye that will not be very bright. Once that is in place, gently brush your hair to make it loose and free. It is not easy to dye hair that is intertwined in knots.

Next, empty the contents of your premixed light brown hair dye into your hair color bowl if you have any. Just in case the dye is not premixed, fret not. Rightly mix it using the set of instructions provided on the box. If you really find it hard to pull it off, get someone to assist you before you make a mess, if not dye your hair in an ugly shade of some color far from light brown hair dye.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE