How to Perfectly Apply Light Brown Hair Dye on Your Hair


Once the mixture is ready, evenly apply the light brown hair dye by painting the color on the strands of your hair using a hair color brush, but that is if you are using the dye in a hair color bowl. Here is how to perfectly do it: protect your hands first from getting stained by putting on hair coloring gloves. Then take the dye applicator and squirt out a line of color and begin applying the color to the top layer of your hair – from root to tip – using a comb.

The Light Brown Hair Dye Outcome

Color more and continue moving down by layers. Gather the dyed top layer of your hair and pile it on top of your head, secure it with a hair clip while at it. Then place a plastic bag over the dyed hair. The heat generated from the covering with a plastic bag will help intensify the final light brown hair dye color. Wait for about 10 to 30 minutes before removing the hair clips and the plastic bag. Rinse, dry and style you hair, and voila! The final outcome is always attractive.
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