How to Pick The Perfect Shade Lipstick for Your Hair Color (3 Tips for Redheads, Blondes and Brunettes)



If you prefer to pick a shade of lipstick that matches your hair, there are several options to choose from depending on the color of your hair. If you are a redhead, berry-colored lipsticks are a great choice and if you are a blonde, cotton candy pink goes well with this hair color. If you are a brunette, a fuschia pink is an excellent color to wear. Here are additional tips on matching your lipstick with your hair.

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1. Best Lipstick for Redheads

 As for redheads, pink is one of the best shades of lipstick as stated in the above mentioned paragraph. You can also sport a red lipstick but too much red is not advisable if you have red hair. One idea is to wear a red lipstick that has some orange tones to it. If you have red hair with a hint of copper, you can wear a reddish copper lipstick. Brown lipsticks also go well for redheads.

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2. Good Lipstick Shades for Blondes


If you are a blonde, you can wear wine-colored lipstick such as merlot or port. Fruit-based lipstick shades such as apricot, peach and strawberry and you can also wear a coral shade to match your blonde hair. If you are olive-skinned and have blonde hair, a very light tan or mocha color would work for you.

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