How to Properly Wash Your Hair


Rinsing hair. After shampooing, hair should be thoroughly rinsed with water, not leaving elements of alkaline detergent on the surface. Rinsing of the hair can be combined with strengthening of the hair. To make hair of any type shinier, it’s best to rinse with an acid solution.

What water to wash your hair with. The quality of water you use to wash your hair is of paramount importance. Hard water isn’t suitable at all for this. Washing with hard water not only doesn’t cleanse, but also ruins the hair. Calcium salts, located in hard water, form insoluble particles that cover hair with a grayish-white sticky coating. Salts of calcium, magnesium and iron, contained in hard water, adversely affect hair and scalp, namely they contribute to dryness and flaking. Hair sticks together and upon drying it becomes stiff, dry and breaks off easily.

It’s best to wash hair with rain, melted, or distilled water (nowadays you can get it at home with the help of special water purification systems). As a last resort, wash your hair with boiled water.

Don’t wash your hair with water that is too hot or too cold. The oilier your hair is, the cooler the water should be. Optimal water temperature for washing hair is 35-45 °C (slightly above body temperature).

How to dry hair. It’s best to pat dry hair with a warm towel. Pat hair lightly in the direction of cuticle, ie from hair roots to the tips, at the same time you shouldn’t do this too hard. It’s not necessary to pat hair dry because hair after washing is particularly susceptible to damage. It’s best to dry hair naturally, sometimes with a warm towel.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE