Even though everyone seems to be stressed these days, from your mom to your pet hamster, the concept of stress wasn’t actually devised until the 1950’s. Presumably after everyone had started to become stressed once the 9-5 work day had been introduced! (Or hair curlers had been invented, who knows?!)

But there are lots of reasons for stress, and simply blaming it all on the fact that we’re working longer hours is too simplistic an explanation, and it won’t help us to find a remedy. People can be stressed because they’re far too focused on goals that are demanding a lot from them, such as money and fame, or they can be stressed because they’re finding it hard to balance absolutely everything in their life, from work, family, friends, relationships, volunteering, their own small business, traveling and so on.

Thankfully, in the sixty or seventy years since the concept of stress was first introduced, research has been carried out on ways to combat this potentially debilitating condition. Here are the top 10 ways to beat it:

Listen To Your Favourite Music

Our first tip on how to reduce stress is to listen to your favourite music, it nearly always takes you back to your safe, happy place. When I feel terribly stressed and disillusioned with life, I listen to the songs that I loved when I was a child. Instantly, I’m transported away from my current hectic life and back to a life of freedom and no responsibilities. It always puts a smile back on my face.

You can listen to whatever works for you. Maybe you want to unleash the anger by rocking out in your kitchen to Metallica, or maybe the sweet, soothing sounds of Mozart is what you need right now.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE