How to Successfully Manage Stress



Stress may be perceived as a bad thing, but in reality it is a natural response where the body prepares to stay in control. When the body needs to defend itself, stress will trigger a fight or flight response which helps the person feeling stress stay aware of the situation. This means that stress is a good thing that occurs when needed. For example, when a baseball player approaches the plate with two outs and bases loaded, the stress of helping his team can make that baseball player swing and get a hit. As much as stress can help in tough situations, it can also create high blood pressure and other negative feelings to the body.






When people experience chronic stress, they will experience extreme amounts of trouble to their physical and psychological troubles. The body is not able to tell the difference between mild and severe stress, so it reacts in similar ways. So, something like a traffic jam can cause the same physical response that being in a car accident can cause. Many people who experience stress-related physical responses have to endure things like mood swings, stomach pain, anxiety, racing heart, and headaches.