In style colors of 2015! Save this for yourself in order not to lose it!


–Glacier gray.

Glacier gray

It’s cool, sleek, and easily combined with any other color. However, it is primarily recommended for men’s fashion collection of 2015. This is a basic color, which serves as a base for a bright palette to build a chosen look.

– Dusk blue.

Dusk blue

As well as a couple of years ago, this color is still a favorite of fashion. It’s the base color of men’s collections. Gray-blue color of the skies is also seen in women’s collections of most of the famous designers.



Another natural shade of a fashionable wardrobe-2015. But now it’s more profound and rich than in recent years. It’s neither warm, nor cold. Therefore, it’s in perfect harmony with most of the colors. Highly recommended with glacier gray and dusk blue.