Is Dark Red Hair Dye for You?


Know Some of the Best Brands

Typically, there is a risk of damaging your hair if you are planning to dye it at home, so it is advisable to buy and use only reputable brand. Here are some of the best brands in the market today for dark red hair dye.

• L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference – for those who love dark red hair dye, this product from L’Oreal will make you fall in love with its intense dark red shade. It contains vitamin E and UV protection, designed to protect the hair from damages making the color stay for months. It also has special agents that will keep the hair look shiny and smooth. However, this shade is not advisable to use for hair with light shades or it will become super bright. It is ideal to use for dark shades of hair. Using a conditioner weekly will keep the hair moist and radiant.

Dark Red Hair Dye

Manic Panic – is a brand known for their crazy colored hair dye. Those who love wild dark red hair dye should try this. They offer semi-permanent hair dye called the Pillar Box Red. This product is recommended for hair that has been bleached or dyed to achieve the most vivid dark red shade. It is made from eco-friendly ingredients and does not include animal by-products.
• Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Creme – this is a sure bet for dark red hair dye lovers. It provides natural looking and luscious hair results. It has grape seed oil, a separate avocado conditioner, and has Vitamin E that will definitely help the hair nourished. This product boosts shine too. Unlike other hair dyes, it smells great because of the natural extracts it contains. This is only suitable for hair with dark shades to achieve vivid and vibrant dark red hair results.

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At the end of the day, no matter what brand of the dark red hair dye you use, test the dye first in a small portion of your hair before applying it generously. The results may vary depending on your hair’s texture and color. Always wear gloves during the application process to avoid stains. Applying petroleum jelly to your hairline and temples will prevent your skin from picking up the dye and avoid staining.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE