You know a woman by her lipstick!


There are a lot of ways that psychologists can determine a woman’s profile- by her clothes, the drinks she prefers, her walk… It turns out they might as well do it by her lipstick! You may think it’s strange, but according to them the way a woman puts on her lipstick shows a lot about her character. Let’s see. Take your lipstick, open it and see which shape it matches.

Image Source: yourinvisiblecrown

1. If the lipstick has preserved it’s slightly tapering form, it’s a practical, confident woman, who know what she wants. Also, she is good in bed.
2. Evenly rounded lipstick speaks of a cold-blooded woman who owes her success to her thoroughness. Always a few steps ahead. This woman can take care of herself, strong character. The only thing that’s missing is a little sense of humor.

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3. Lipstick with vague shape speaks of a lady who worries about the smallest thing.

Very emotional. She often puts a mask of a confident girl and only a few people know her true self. She loves romance.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE