You know a woman by her lipstick!


4. A lipstick that’s sharp as a pencil, speaks of great self-confidence, almost selfishness. She almost puts her needs first. She doesn’t make friends easily.
5. The flat top is a sign of honest charmer. Sometimes she’s distracted and says thing that can offend others, but you should know that’s not her purpose.

Because she feels no malice and hatred. Loyal friend and faithful partner.
6. Lipstick shaped as ‘blunt pencil’ is very rare and therefore speaks of unusual woman that often changes her moods, but she’s never predictable. You expect a certain response, but she does the exact opposite. She’s got original thinking that usually impresses men.
7. Sharply sloped lipstick is a sign of a woman with imagination who loves to be courted. Extremely responsible at work. She’s able to speak with elegance, even when the news are bad. When it comes to love she’s prone to reckless adventures.
8. Lipstick with a truncated cone shape is a sign of a cheerful, gentle, sensual woman who is an excellent judge of characters! This means that it is difficult to lie to her. She’s able to create comfort in your home. This woman’s going to make her man really happy, as long as he treats her with courtesy and respects her.

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