Ladies Hairstyles for 2014


Curly hairstyle is a choice to women who want a charming and attractive hairstyle that suits many outfits. You will look pretty in this hairstyle. It is also perfect to wear anywhere you go. Whether for partying to for workplace, the hairstyle is good to have.







2).Wavy ladies hairstyles

Wavy hairstyles are also great for women with long hair. They look loose, attractive and soft. It is also easy to create this type of hairstyles. Moreover, if you want to go to any occasion, wavy ladies hairstyles are great companions. The hairstyle is also favored by famous people.

3). Layered long hairstyle

It appears with loose curls at the ends of the hair. If you are looking for a stunning hairstyle, then this one is a great choice for any occasion. It will enhance your beauty.

4). Bun ladies hairstyles

These hairstyles come with amazing styles for women. They are very easy and quick to do them especially for long hair. Bun hairstyles give your hair an extra texture. To create them, braid a small part of your hair, hold it with bobby pins and wrap it on the bun’s base.

5). Pony hairstyle for 2014

Women with long hair will find this hairstyle interesting and easy to make. Many celebrities have also showed their love for this hairstyle. It is certainly one of the most popular ladies hairstyles.