Laser Therapy: Say Farewell to Nicotine without…Nicotine!


Of all nicotine replacement methods, used to quit smoking, laser therapy seems the most advanced and easiest to do. The presentation below describes the process.

When you smoke i.e. breathe in nicotine, the level of endorphins in your body rises, producing a pleasant and relaxing sensation in you. Unfortunately, the effect soon wears off, and you feel the urge to light another cigarette, which leads to nicotine addiction. Laser therapy is intended to counter this dependency.

This method utilizes a low level laser which excites certain acupuncture points on your skin and thus stimulates the release of endorphins.





Acting as a substitute to the endorphins, produced during smoking, this release of endorphins will muffle your withdrawal symptoms and help you get over your cravings to smoke.

There are several advantages to this technique: first of all, no harmful nicotine is injected, swallowed or otherwise absorbed; second, in stark contrast to other nicotine replacement products, the laser therapy has no known side effects; third, according to the companies which offer the therapy, it often takes just one session to make it work (which, as patients report, is actually quite pleasant); fourth, the treatment does not involve any needles or punctures, which is good news for anyone allergic or simply averse to the latter; and finally, during laser therapy certain nerve endings can be activated so that you do not transfer your smoking cravings to inordinate eating and gain extra weight.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE