Let Your Hair Do the Talking!


A woman’s hair is a big part of who she is and tells the world a lot about her personality. If she is bold, shy, old fashioned and sometimes even masculine. Hair also tends to play a huge role about how you view yourself, and how you feel about yourself. It is considered a secondary sexual characteristic and since you can’t flaunt your primary characteristics to the public, then hair becomes you second weapon. Most women may find that if they are not happy with how their hair looks they will not be happy with themselves. It is for this reason that for so long, long, thick glossy hair that depicts both youth, femininity and fertility has been so popular, and short to medium hairstyles were considered masculine.


 However, with women like Rihanna and Angela basset who exude of feminism bringing back short hair, it has become sexy to have short hair again. Here are a few things to help decide what you want your hair to say about you.

Traditionally, long hair has been considered attractive, and has been associated with qualities such as young, fun, sexy and wife material. Medium hair lengths have a way of depicting a woman as good natured, and intelligent while short hair is more masculine. What you are trying to say to the world will be a great determinant for what hair length you keep.

Women who are willing to experiment with bold and bright colors tend to have a more quirky, confident and fun personality. They are the kind of eoplewho will be willing to take more risks and challenges. Safer or darker hair colors tend to give the impression of a more relaxed personality. Blonde hair has always been considered youthful and fun, but with more older women dying their hair blonde, it has lost much of this appeal.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE