Lip Shape Contour Guide



No matter what shape your lips naturally are, there are a multitude of contouring and makeup tricks to give you the beautiful smile that you desire. Thin lips can get a boost so they look more lush and beautiful without resorting to collagen injections. Lips that are too large can be minimized and given a more pleasing shape. In the search for a well-balanced face, women need to know all the best tips and tricks to maximize their best features and minimize their worst. Lip contouring can help you achieve this or correct something as serious as a natural deformity. Whether it is necessity or simple taste, this lip shape contour guide can help you achieve the look you want. After contouring, lipstick and even lip gloss can be applied for the final polish.

lip shape
lip shape

Image Source: alldaychic

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Contouring Tips for Various Shaped Lips:
1. Women with thin lower lips will want to use a lip pencil on the outer edge of the bottom lip create a fuller appearance.

2. Those with oval lips can draw in a gentle V shape on the upper lip to make it look more curvaceous.
3. If you have a thin upper lip, outline it slightly above the edge to create the illusion of fullness.
4. Women whose lips turned down at the corners can create a more pleasing natural expression with a bit of lip pencil added to the outer corners.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE