Long Wedding Hairstyles



Updos have always been the preference for brides with long hair and this is because you can style an updo all kinds of ways and updos symbolize femininity and simple charm. To accessorize your updo, you should wear decorative hair pins or dangling hair charms to wrap around your updo. Another idea is to create a braided updo or an updo with curls piled up on your hair.

Layered Long Hairstyles

If you want a creative hairstyle for your wedding, you should wear a layered hairstyle because this adds volume and elegance to your hair. The shag is a popular layered look and this is easy to maintain long after the wedding ends. The asymmetrical layered look also looks beautiful on brides.






Side Swept Ponytail

This is a classy bridal hairstyle to wear if you have long hair and it is simple to fix. When you are fixing the ponytail, you want to place it as close to the side of your hair as possible so that it will look uniform and neat.

Long Wedding Hairstyles
Long Wedding Hairstyles

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To put your hair in a beautiful loose bun, pull all of your hair to the back and then you would create a bun in the back of your hair. Finally, you would decorate the bun with nice gem or diamond studded hair pieces. This is a simple hairstyle for a wedding and you will look great in pictures with the bun.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE