Long Wedding Hairstyles


Loose Waves

To get this hairstyle, your stylist would wash your hair then roll your hair with curlers while wet. After sitting under the dryer for thirty to forty minutes, the stylist would take out the curlers and tease the curls slightly with her hands.

1940s Glam

The 1940s was a time of elegant sophistication among women and this was also true of weddings. A popular wedding hairstyle in the 1940s was what were known as victory curls. These were pin curls that were rolled across the top of the woman’s hair. Other women wore loose curls with a part on the side.

Cascade Braids

Also known as the waterfall braid, this is a style where the top and middle section of your hair is braided and then the rest of your hair hangs. If you have a fairytale theme for your wedding, this would be an excellent style for you and the bridesmaids.

Straight Sleek Hairstyles

To achieve this hairstyle, all you need is a straightening iron, light hair grease or oil and a little gel to keep your edges in place. When you walk down the aisle with a very straight look, the groom will be mesmerized by how you look. If you want pizzazz in the style, you can add highlights that complement your skin tone.


There is so much that you can do with long hair that it is sometimes difficult to choose which style to choose for your wedding. If you are having trouble deciding, you can talk with your stylist for advice.

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