Look How Easy It Is To Make This Butterfly Hairstyle



This is the type of elegant and funny hairstyle that many women are using today. While it is a little unusual to make a butterfly from your hair, it is the result which deserves some effort, and some of the things needed are:

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These are the major things needed for making the butterfly hairstyle:

– a thin elastic band for the hair;
– a comb;
– a few clips.

Butterfly Hairstyle

Image Source: alldaychic

1. After making a ponytail, it should be divided in 4 parts. Then, each part of the hair should be taken and fixed using clips.
2. Start with your hair’s first part (right up) and use the French style to braid it. The length of the hair included in the braid should be carefully determined because it is important to create a shape similar to the wing of a butterfly. Then, a clip should be used in fixing it.
3. The second step should be repeated for the left side of the hair at the top.
4. From the right side, you should start with the braiding of the lower wing, while it is necessary to let the braid include more from the length of your hair. Doing this gives you a butterfly wing which is smaller, and which can be fixed using a clip.
5. The procedure should be repeated again for the left side.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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