Look Slimmer with the Proper Wear


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• Have low-cut vamp shoes to instantly elongate and make your leg look thinner. It looks best when wearing dresses, skirts, and shorts. It is better if you find a pair that matches with your skin tone to have the illusion of slimmer legs. Using shoes with at least two and a half inches of heels lifts the body, making the clothes fall better and provide slimmer appearance. Opt for pumps with thin heels and slightly pointed toes and avoid square-toes or thick ankle straps as it gives your legs a stockier look.

• Vertical stripes – is the oldest trick you can do. It creates long lines to make you look thinner and longer.
• Use skinny belts – tunics and dresses accentuated with skinny belts can make one look slimmer. It helps in defining one’s natural waist in the most possible flattering way. However, thick belts can cut you in half, which can make you look stumpy.

Colors also help

Aside from these wardrobe ideas, you can also look slimmer by using the proper cosmetics, applying the right colors, and getting the perfect accessories that can give you a slender appearance. A subtle glow can make a huge difference in terms of looking slimmer. Having a light spray tan can make your arms, shoulders, neck, and legs appear pounds thinner than they usually are. Applying a light dust of bronzing powder on your forehead, sides of your nose, and cheeks can also light up your face and give it an enhanced, lifted look.
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