Look Younger and Stylish with Short Hair Styles for Women Over 50


Some of the stylish short hair styles for women over 50 include cuts like pixies and bobs. These trendy hair styles can be seen worn by famous celebrities who are in their 50’s like Angela Bassett, Jodie Foster and Isabella Rossellini. Having a short hair can still make women look feminine and pretty. These short hair styles for women over 50 can bring back her former charm and grace.

The Polished but Full Bodied Bob is one of the more popular short hair styles for women over 50. The woman’s face can be lightened up by a smooth, asymmetrical bob. The subtle bangs and fringes frame the face of a woman covering some of the age lines on her forehead and the sides of her eyes. Maintaining this short hairstyle is also very easy. Women can maintain the full volume of the hair by applying styling products before blow drying the hair with a round brush. Using a large curling or flat iron help keeps the hair look smooth to the edges. You can also use some hair colors to hide the gray and white hairs that make you look older.

Another popular short hair styles for women over 50 us the Sexy Pixie. Active women in their 50’s should not be afraid of getting really short hair. The pixie is perfect for women who may not have enough time to fix their hairs in the morning or those who don’t want to worry about how their hair looks during the day. Women can just use their fingers to arrange their pixie hair, apply some styling products, and they are ready to face the day with confidence.

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