How to Make an Attractive Tutu Without Sewing



This pretty tutu skirt which can be easily made will be adored by your little princess, and the great thing is that it can be done without sewing.


These are the things you will need:

– wider elastic (1.5 inch);
– scissors;
– tulle fabric;








The waist dimension need for the tutu should be measured, after which you will cut a piece of elastic which is a little longer than the size. Form a circle by sewing or tying the ends of the elastic together, after which the tulle strips which is two times the length needed for the finished tutu should be cut. One strip should be taken at a time, and you should form an “upside-down” U-shape.

Tutu Without Sewing
Tutu Without Sewing

Image Source: alldaychic

The U piece of the tulle, which is “upside-down”, should be placed at the back of the waistband, and ensure that there are even ends, with the 2 ends put on top of the waistband and through the opening between the waistband and the top of the tulle U. The ends of your tulle should be pulled through tightly, with all the tulle pieces added until you have a full waistband. So they are close and no distances are showing between them, you should slide the tulle pieces together.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE