How to Make Beautiful Waves Using Elastic Bands and a Flat Iron


You should get a flat iron and bands if you want to make wonderful waves in an ingenious way, and it involves a technique which is very simple. You should start by splitting the hair into two even parts, and then to twist each of them, you should use an elastic band at the end to secure the hair.

If you want to have the best result, you need to twist the right part to the right and the left part to the left. After that, you should take the flat iron and start to slide it upside down, with the twist direction followed. After cooling the hair, the bands should be removed, and then run the fingers through your hair. These waves will look sensual and innocent at the same time.

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Another Method

Beautiful Waves
Beautiful Waves

Image Source: theeasywayy

To get waves in your hair with a flat iron, you want to put a heat protection product in your hair and then you would put your hair in sections to make the curling process easier.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE