How to Make the Best Nail Art – Cute Cats Love


One of the hottest trends in nail art is cat- inspired nail art and this is ideal for cat owners or people who love animals in general. If you need some of the best nail art inspirations being used today, you should use some cool manicure with the theme of “Cute Cats love”. Some steps are explained here for creating this nail design.

The first thing you need to do is the addition of a pink glitter polish coat to the pink French tip you made. Then, you will start the “painting”:

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– Using your dotting tool, a big dot should be made just above your smile line, with a smaller dot added on top;
– A detail brush should be used to make some ears and to correct the lines;
– A cute tail made;
– Now, exactly the same thing should be done with white;
– Some light pink hearts should be made above the cats;
– Put some white in the corners of the hearts for some shades;
– Make the cats on the ringfinger and thumb, and some cat paws on the rest of the fingers.
– The process is finished with a topcoat.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE